LLMILocal Labour Market Intelligence (United Kingdom)
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The LLMI reached 16.97 [micro]g or 1.5 x [10.sup.7] cells (1/51.2 fraction of a single colony).
Within the LLMI for EDL933 cells, emPAI ranged from 0.4 to 0.7 (mean 0.6).
The LLMI was found to be 1.465 X 107 cells, indicating that MS-H could be expanded to conditions such as blood culture (26).
LLMI analysis reinforced the use of an emPAI value of 1.0 as an indicator of heavy carryover.
(6) Nonstandard abbreviations: MS, mass spectrometry; MS-H, mass spectrometry based H antigen typing; PMF, peptide mass fingerprinting; CLSI, Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute; ICH, International Conference of Harmonization; WGS, whole genome sequencing; emPAI, exponentially modified protein abundance index; SOP, standard operating procedure; LLMI, lower limit of measuring interval.
Lipid laden macrophage index (LLMI), a semiquantitative evaluation of macrophage lipid content which is considered to be a biomarker of aspiration, has been studied in the sputum of GER patients with respiratory symptoms.
Several studies on the clinical use of LLMI in BAL samples have been carried out.
LLMI seems to be of limited value in assessing GER-associated respiratory diseases.
Studies on the lipid laden macrophage index (LLMI) in BAL samples showed conflicting results.