LLMPLakes Lay Monitoring Program (University of New Hampshire)
LLMPLinux/Lighttpd/MySQL/PHP5 (Hypertext Preprocessor 5; web development)
LLMPLiverpool Lord Mayor's Parade (Liverpool, England, UK)
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By using the decomposition rules, the modified LLMP model adds hidden morphemes to the results obtained by the initial analysis, performed using a conventional LLMP model.
In Figure 5, the gray rectangles represent the in-word HMMs based on the modified LLMP model.
In (4), [seg.sub.j] is the jth longest-morpheme segment that the modified LLMP model generates from the ith word, [w.sub.i], and seg[M.sub.j] is a morpheme sequence of the jth longest-morpheme segment.
As we illustrated above through examples, the modified LLMP model ignores many morpheme candidates.
In Table 3, "LLMP" is a morphological analyzer based on conventional LLMP rules.
The military almost universally applies variations of the LLMP technique for training exercises, according to Weidner, but much less often for operations that have repeatable, complex projects.
LLMP and BPMP are just two of the many types of strategic KM initiatives"
This consultation relates to the purchase of an insurance building program for the realization of two buildings (LLMP and IRC) on the hospital site Hautepierre.
Total quantity or scope: This consultation relates to the subscription of one (DO-CRBC-CNR TRC, RC MO) building insurance program for the construction of two new buildings; medico-technical Plateau and musculoskeletal (LLMP) and the Regional Cancer Institute (CRI) on the site of the hospital Hautepierre.