LLNPLong Life and Prosperity
LLNPLanguage, Literacy and Numeracy Programme (Australia)
LLNPLive Long N Prosper (Dr. Spock; Star Trek)
LLNPLore Lindu National Park (Sulawesi, Indonesia)
LLNPLower Leg Negative Pressure
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LLNP has been involved to execute a feasibility study in order to setup a world-scale phosphates and downstream production business in Namibia, comprising fertilizer-grade phosphoric acid, white phosphoric acid, bulk fertilizers (e.g.
LLNP holds licenses and exploration rights over phosphate deposits estimated at nearly 1bn tonnes.
Today 25 students are graduating after participating in the 'Building Better Communities' collaborative project, an industry-driven pilot run through the Australian Government Language, Literacy and Numeracy Program (LLNP).