LLOObject Oriented Deductive Language
LLOLower Level Orchestrator
LLOLigo Livingston Observatory (Livingston, LA)
LLOListeriolysin O (hemolysin)
LLOLow Lunar Orbit
LLOLarge Lakes Observatory (Duluth, Minnesota)
LLOLipid-Linked Oligosaccharide
LLOLight-toned Layered Outcrops (Valles Marineris Walls, Mars)
LLOLocal Loop Operators (Kenya)
LLOLakeshore Light Opera (Canada)
LLOLaser Local Oscillator
LLOLogical Lines of Operation (US Army)
LLOLegislative Liaison Office
LLOLegislative Liaison Officer (US Army)
LLOLead Laboratory Office
LLOLoudoun Lyric Opera (Virginia)
LLOLogistics Liaison Office
LLOLeverletto (knife)
LLOLarge Leverage Operator
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Quelles dispositions de la LLO peuvent faire l'objet du recours?
Along this LLO, the concept of outcomes-based training and education (OBT&E) is imperative.
These included a 'diary: diary-interview' study of personal learning episodes; and the design and evaluation of a prototype LLO called KLeOS.
Country: USASector: Food/Beverages/Tobacco, Agriculture/ForestryTarget: Imperial Sugar CompanyBuyer: Louis Dreyfus Commodities LLCDeal size in USD: 203mType: Corporate acquisitionFinancing: Cash & Debt, Existing resourcesStatus: Agreed, BiddingBuyer advisor: Barclays Plc, McGrath North Mullin & Kratz, PC LLO
In the existing policy regime, this premium for the calls terminating on Local Loop Operations (LLOs) is passed on to LLOs, while the Access Promotion Contribution (APC) on cellular termination is collected and provided to Universal Services Fund, the agency responsible for expanding the infrastructure and tele-density in the country, it added.