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LLOObject Oriented Deductive Language
LLOLower Level Orchestrator
LLOLigo Livingston Observatory (Livingston, LA)
LLOListeriolysin O (hemolysin)
LLOLow Lunar Orbit
LLOLarge Lakes Observatory (Duluth, Minnesota)
LLOLipid-Linked Oligosaccharide
LLOLight-toned Layered Outcrops (Valles Marineris Walls, Mars)
LLOLocal Loop Operators (Kenya)
LLOLakeshore Light Opera (Canada)
LLOLaser Local Oscillator
LLOLogical Lines of Operation (US Army)
LLOLegislative Liaison Office
LLOLegislative Liaison Officer (US Army)
LLOLead Laboratory Office
LLOLoudoun Lyric Opera (Virginia)
LLOLogistics Liaison Office
LLOLeverletto (knife)
LLOLarge Leverage Operator
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Meddai Garry: "Cafodd Catrin Davies y fet, emergency call i fynd allan i fferm yn Llanrhystud, ble'r oedd buwch yn cael trafferth geni llo bach.
Asuncion added that the LLO is ready to release supply once the water level at Angat Dam dips further.
The Llo power plant, which will be built and operated by SUNCNIM, is the culmination of the bidding process initiated by the Energy Regulation Board for a contract awarded to CNIM in 2012.
Quelles dispositions de la LLO peuvent faire l'objet du recours?
monocytogenes, it is necessary to map the function of LLO. Currently, only a few MAbs exist against LLO, none of which are commercially available [11-14].
Mae'r llo yn pwyso tua 200 pwys, ac mae'r fenyw fel rheol yn pwyso tua tunnell a hanner ac mae hi tua 16 troedfedd o hyd.
Along this LLO, the concept of outcomes-based training and education (OBT&E) is imperative.
The second stage of SCE proceeded with the design of a prototype LLO called KLeOS (Knowledge and Learning Organisation System).
United Recyclers Group LLO (URG), based in Aurora, Colo., has announced the unveiling of its Premium Salvage program for the insurance industry to dispose of total loss vehicles.
This tension informs sculptures like Mumdadland, 1997, and Ha Llo, 1999, which bear the traces of Webb's early (though soon rejected) experience in furniture design and toy with the knowingly retro, late-'60s "lounge" aesthetic that has become a high street standard (think of Verner Panton and his imitators).