LLOCLogical Lines of Code
LLOCLogical Lines of Code (computer code)
LLOCLaw Library of Congress (Washington, DC)
LLOCLand Lines Of Communication
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The round-table aims to bring together all those concerned with the Construction Law in order to be informed about their points of view and proposals, said LLOC President Abdulla Hassan Ahmed al Buainain.
On its Facebook page, Lloc RC said: "Can we please ask people to not to travel off yards with strangles or suspected strangles as if we do not contain it now there may be no shows to attend in 2016."
Ibrahim Janahi and LLOC President Chancellor Nawaf Abdulla Hamza sealed the two-year contract.
They found the six high-risk and most dangerous roads in Wales are the A5026 from Lloc to Whelston, the A5 from Bangor to Corwen, the A5104 in Denbighshire, the A496 in Snowdonia, the A539, which is south of Wrexham, and the A4066 in Carmarthenshire.
The following research was conducted in partnership with national environmental non-governmental organization A Rocha Peru to assist their development of a forest conservation program around San Pedro de Lloc (UTM 17M 665 204 m E and 9 178 513 m N), a small agricultural town in northern La Libertad surrounded by significant stands of dry forest, as can be seen in Figure 1 below.
Their meeting took place following a number of new appointments to the Court of Cassation and the Legislation and Legal Opinion Commission (LLOC).
Construeix col-lectivament, amb la participacio de persones vinculades al lloc, i "crea llocs per als altres" (Ellenberger, 1998), per contemplar, per experimentar i prendre'n consciencia.
"Rea e l beau auty ty ty ty ty ty is i qui uiet", Sand nd ndra " Bu B lloc o k on bei ei ei ei eing n na name me me med Peop op ople le le le maga g zine's Most Beautiful Wo Wo W ma man
Let LLOC = {[lloc.sub.1], ..., [lloc.sub.n]} represent the set of logical locations, where each in LLOC denotes the notion for one or more physical locations.
En esta subcategoria de adicion por coherencia encontramos dos marcadores: en tercer lloc [en tercer lugar] y en quart lloc [en cuarto lugar], que, como podemos ver en el ejemplo que sigue, han sido anadidos al texto final.
Sponsored by Flintshire County Council, the event was hosted by Geraint Jones and family at Rhydwen Farm, Lloc, Holywell.
Ara passo sovint per aqui i hi miro igual com qui mira el lloc destinat a la seva tomba.