LLODLower Limit of Detection
LLODLast Line of Defence (online community)
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The lower limit of detection (LLOD) was defined as the lowest concentration with a signal-to-noise ratio of 3:1.
Charles, Missouri, USA) with a LLOD of 0.2 [micro]U/mL and a CV of 2.6%.
The LLOD and LLOQ were defined as the lowest concentration of a signal-noise (S/N) ratio of 3:1 and 10:1, respectively.
Discrepant samples all had [C.sub.t] of [greater than or equal to] 37.36, which correspond to 10 copies/mL of eluate and fall below the 95% LLOD. Although ZCD assay results for these CHIKV-positive samples were reproducible, the clinical significance of such low-level viremia in patients with suspected chikungunya fever is unclear and warrants further study.
This assay has a LLOD of 15 IU/mL and a lower limit of quantification of 43 IU/mL.
Consequently, the LLOD equation can be expressed as in the following equation:
Linked Linguistic Open Data (LLOD) is heavily dependent on metadata, and any consideration thereof would require an examination of its standards.
Unlike other available ACTH ELISA kits that are four-hour assays, Epitope's test is a two-hour product, with a high analytical sensitivity (LLOD: 0.4 pg/mL) and dynamic range.
The analytical lower limit of detection (LLOD) was defined as the minimum hepcidin concentration evoking a response statistically (95% CI) different from that of the zero calibrator and was 21 pmol/L.
Ties were handled by assigning the minimum of the corresponding ranks to each participant, and participants with levels < the lower limit of detection (LLOD) for a pollutant were assigned the LLOD and ranked accordingly.
In 1998, PT ALMI was granted the certificate of ISO 9002 from Llod's Register.