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LLQLow Latency Queuing
LLQLong-Lived Queries (Domain Name System)
LLQLower Left Quadrant (aka Left Lower Quadrant)
LLQLower Limit of Quantitation
LLQLow-Level Qualifier (computer programming)
LLQLeatherman Leadership Questionnaire
LLQLevel of Quantitation (pharmaceutical research)
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He had hypometric rapid eye saccadestothe left with fatigue after 3 saccadic eye movements; hyperactive bowel sounds in the LLQand LUQ, hypoactive bowel sounds in the RUQ; tenderness to palpation in the LLQ and McBurney's point, along with a tight diaphragm on palpation.
The LLQ in MDRR can work either in strict or alternate priority mode.
To overcome the challenges above, Cisco Systems introduced a Low Latency Queuing (LLQ) algorithm which combines a single strict priority queue with CBWFQ.
African Renaissance should build in the Outcomes Based Education curriculum five learning areas, namely language, literacy and communication (LLQ; Human Social Sciences and Economic Management Sciences (HSS; EMS); Natural Sciences and Technology (NSTECH); Arts and Culture (AO; and Life Orientation (LO).
The differential for left lower quadrant (LLQ) pain includes colonic, gynecologic, and renal etiologies.
This algorithm reserves some bandwidth margin number of users and power consumption to decrease handoff failures to give preference to high priority calls such as handoff calls additionally Low latency queuing (LLQ) is implemented to improve the quality of service.
The current study aims to extract and forecast the trend of two stock markets, namely, the Kuala Lumpur Bursa (KLSE) index and the New Zealand stock market index (NZX50), using the advantages of local linear quantile (LLQ) regression.
Assigned score Predictors Appendicitis OB-GYN score score Guarding or rebound tenderness 1.9 0 Pregnancy -1.7 2.4 Leukocytosis (WBC >10,000/[micro]L) 1.5 0 Neutrophil [greater than or equal to] 75% 1.3 1.6 RLQ tenderness 1.5 0 LLQ tenderness 0 1.9 Diarrhea -1.4 -2.3 Constant -1.5 0 Suggested diagnoses Criteria Appendicitis Appendicitis score > OB-GYN score and appendicitis score >0 OB-GYNc OB-GYN score [greater than or equal to] appendicitis score and OB-GYN score >0 NSAP Appendicitis score [less than or equal to] 0 and OB-GYN score [less than or equal to] 0 RLQ: right lower quadrant; LLQ: left lower quadrant.
A robust version of classical local linear regression (LLR) known as local linear quantile regression (LLQ) by [11,12] respectively, have increasingly drawn interest.
* The 12-mm trocar in the left lower quadrant (LLQ) is also used to insert endoscopic instruments, This trocar site will be used at the conclusion of the appendectomy to accommodate the mechanical stapling device and the specimen bag for removal of the excised organ.
They may describe the pain of diverticulitis as gradual pain in the left lower quadrant (LLQ) that is dull but somewhat continuous and will be able to approximate the length of time the pain has existed and may be aware of a food type that was consumed before the pain started.