LLRRLeft Left Right Right
LLRRLow-Level Rapid Response
LLRRLipstein Law Reading Room (UK)
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The DEM accuracy was evaluated by the comparison with LLRR and ALSEP reference coordinates.
After calibration, the DEM accuracy was improved from about 127.3 m to about 48.7 m, compared with the coordinates of LLRR and ALSEP landmarks on the lunar surface.
TABLE 2: Indices calculated for leaf litter potential return (A), leaf litter accumulation (E), leaf litter real return (LLRR = [Ak.sub.j]), and real return of C (RRC = LLRR x C content ((%)) (expressed in Mg [ha.sup.-1] [yr.sup.-1]) in restoration projects conducted in Colombia.
For example, under a multiple schedule of reinforcement, in the presence of one stimulus, rats learned to emit variable four-response sequences across L and R levers, but in the presence of a different stimulus to repeat a single pattern, LLRR (Cohen, Neuringer, & Rhodes, 1990).
In the list of 'Double Doubles' below, I include words with the following adjacent doubled consonants: BBSS, CCLL, CCSS, DDLL, DDSS, FFYY, GGSS, HHGG (WW68016), KKYY, LLCC, LLDD, LLGG, LLPP, LLRR, LLSS, LLYY, MMSS, MMYY, NNGG, NNSS, NNYY, PPLL, PPNN, PPSS, PPYY, RRDD, RRNN, RRSS, RRYY, SSJJ, SSLL, SSTT, TTCC, TTLL, TTSS, TTYY.
Cheng et al., "Toward patients' motion intention recognition: dynamics modeling and identification of iLeg-An LLRR under motion constraints," IEEE Transactions on Systems Man and Cybernetics Systems, vol.