LLSSLanguage, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies
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LLSSLanguage and Learning Support Service
LLSSLaser Light Source Station
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LLSs chief scientific officer, Ph.D., Lee Greenberger said, LLSs investment in research over the past 15 years is translating into remarkable improvements in outcomes for blood cancer patients.
Analysis of language learning strategies (LLSs) in virtual worlds
In LLSs, as in LSs, people understand the intrinsic value of acquiring reading skills; however, inspiring a mass of people with poor decoding skills to acquire the motivation, intrinsic or extrinsic, to persist with print engagement, especially, perhaps, after long experience with repeated failure, could be challenging.
In the recent literature on LLSs, studies have been conducted on numerous populations.
The other two participants were employees in ETSCS; 2) Lorena Carrera is a faculty member in the Division of LLSS and teaches in the ETSCS doctoral program, and 3) Jackie Smith is a staff member in LLSS who interacts daily with international students about admission, contracts, scholarships, deadlines, etcetera.
Analysis of the results showed that the mean LLSS for the reduced-dose group was 1.014, while the score for the standard-dose group was 0.966.
Oxford (1990) further indicated that appropriate language learning strategies (LLSs) result in improved proficiency and greater self-confidence.
After we determined that the subjects met eligibility criteria, we asked subjects to complete a demographic and medical survey and our main outcome measure, a series of three LLSs on symptoms of AMS.
"This improvement in large part reflects the cumulative benefits being realized from our Lydall Lean Six Sigma (LLSS) program," commented David Freeman, president and CEO.
This article reports the results of an investigation into Iranian EFL learners' perceived use of language learning strategies (LLSs) overall, the six strategy categories (memory, cognitive, compensation, metacognitive, affective, and social) as well as the 50 individual strategies appearing in Oxford's (1990) Strategy Inventory for Language Learning (SILL).
The MOLLS is a Likert-type scale, that has 20 items in 5 broad categories in the motivation orientation scale (MOS) and 18 items in 3 broad categories in the language learning strategies scale (LLSS).
The underlying factor structure of the Language Learning Strategy Scale (LLSS) (Y.