LLTLanguage Learning and Teaching
LLTLipid-Lowering Therapy (cardiology)
LLTLuminox Light Technology (watches)
LLTLocal Loop Technologies
LLTLanguage Learning & Technology
LLTLeadership Little Traverse (Petoskey Chamber of Commerce; Petoskey, MI)
LLTLong Lead Time
LLTLow Latency Transport
LLTLong Lived Transaction (computing)
LLTLucas-Lehmer Primality (mathematics)
LLTLink Local Inhibit Test (SS7)
LLTLink Layer Topology
LLTLiberty Lines Transit, Inc
LLTLater Life Training (UK)
LLTLow-Level Terminal
LLTLimited Licensed Technician
LLTLow Level Trajectory
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The crewmembers of Neon 04, Maj Dayton Ragland and lLt Ned Herrold were never found and are being indicated as "Presumptive finding of death," meaning death being inferred from proof of the person's long, unexplained absence, usually after seven years.
a I in feel the its liability, liability the weren't when by their "But a particular has not in the IRISH n n at all llt h 1,482 women were diagnosed with cervical cancer by CervicalCheck screening programme since 2008 eel ss he ts this phi 221 women directly affected by the scandal.
Presented below are temperature SS and LLT operation data for DO and DF engine operation.
* LLT Labels has announced the addition of the CHILL AT product line.
(1) LipiView[R] II Ocular Surface Interferometer (TearScience Inc, Morrisville, North Carolina, USA) was used to measure the LLT and take the meibography as described [14].
The main statistical analyses focused on four dependent variables: MC score, LLT performance, classification accuracy, and ERD lateralization.
As part of the ODYSSEY programme, alirocumab has been evaluated in ten randomized, double-blind, multinational, phase III, studies either as monotherapy or in combination with other Lipid lowering therapy (LLT), and included patients with heterozygous familial hypercholesterolaemia (HeFH) and non-FH patients who had clinical atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.
Hladik and lLt Benjamin R Bowman - 336 FS, 4 FW, Seymour Johnson AFB, N.C.
Since it would have been difficult to include all relevant journals in the analysis, the following four top CALL-specific and education technology-related journals were selected: Language Learning & Technology (LLT), CALICO Journal, CALL, and ReCALL.
This paper is organized as follows: we give a brief description of the classic second-order PDEs model (the P-M model) and fourth-order PDEs model (the LLT model), and will give a method to find out the solution of the scale parameter in Section 2.
Especies y procedencia de las semillas del Banco del Arido: ANL = Anelo, API = Aguada Pichana, ASR = Aguada San Roque, CCO = Cutral Co, CCTR = Camino Catriel, CHCO = Challaco, CHDO = Los Chihuidos, DQE = Dique Planicie Banderita, LLT = Loma La Lata, LLY = Loma Las Yeguas, NQN = Neuquen, PH = Plaza Huincul, RDLS = Rincon de los Sauces, VAM = Volcan Auca Mahuida.