LLTPLarge Lipid Transfer Protein
LLTPLong Lead Time Procurement
LLTPLehr-, Lern- und Trainingspsychologie (German)
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For most oviparous invertebrate and vertebrate animals, the primary large yolk protein precursor is Vitellogenin (Vtg; Yamamura et al., 1995), a glycophospholipoprotein belonging to the Large Lipid Transfer Protein (LLTP) superfamily (Babin et al., 1999; Smolenaars et al., 2007).
LLTP could last for hours, days, or even weeks and includes other mechanisms like changes in gene expression and the synthesis of proteins [30].
Although receptors for L-glutamate, most commonly the NMDA receptor subtype, mediate induction and expression of LTP at many synapses in the brain, some forms of LTP at hippocampal CA1 synapses, such as late-phase LTP (LLTP), require activation of L-type VGCCs.