LLTSLast Logon Time Stamp (Microsoft Windows)
LLTSLiquid to Liquid Thermal Shock (electronics)
LLTSLemon Lime Tennis Shoes (Warwick, RI band)
LLTSLong Live the Syndicate (online gaming guild)
LLTSLive Like the Starz (marketing company)
LLTSLiquid Layer Transport Speed
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(16) It has been demonstrated that the addition of other LLTs will help patients achieve their recommended targets.
In summary, FH patients are at a greater risk for CHD and should be diagnosed early and treated intensively to reach very low LDL-C targets using available and optimal LLTs.
List of symbols Ci Starch type number i originating from corn [C.sub.s] Seawater solubility (mol/[m.sup.3]) M Molar mass (kg/mol) Ri Starch type number i originating from rice T Starch type originating from tapioca Greek symbols [alpha] Seawater solubility (dimensionless) [rho] Density (kg/[m.sup.3]) Abbreviations CPVC Critical pigment volume concentration (vol%) DFT Dry film thickness ([mu]m) LLT Leached layer thickness ([mu]m) OA Oil absorption PSD Particle size distribution PVC Pigment volume concentration (vol%) Introduction