LLTVLow Light Television
LLTVLunar Landing Training Vehicle (US NASA)
LLTVLow-Light (Level) Television
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In the early through mid-1970s, the G and H models received the Electrooptical Viewing System (EVS) that consisted of Low Light TV (LLTV) and Forward-Looking Infrared Radar (FLIR) that, when used with the ACR, meant much safer and effective low-level capability.
Imagery from a LLTV camera or a IIR imager mounted in the nose of the missile will be fed into the fibre, and will be displayed in the launch vehicle.
The HTTB serves as an experimental carrier for, amongst other things, a new landing gear, power-assisted take-off system, fly-by-wire flight control system with built-in redundancy, plus a variety of sensors, among which a LLTV camera, a FLIR and a laser rangefinder.