LLVILow Level Voice Intercept (US Army)
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As we passed through Shigal Village, LLVI announced, "The Asmar Americans are coming, get ready." The signal intercept confirmed human intelligence and initiated enemy radio silence.
LLVI indicated an enemy retreat, and their gunfire ceased, fn the gulch immediately across the river from my position, the enemy curiously released several canisters of white smoke: they were executing a textbook break-contact drill.
Our ability to conduct tactical, time-sensitive exploitation did not replace our HCT and LLVI capabilities, but added to them.
We also would have curbed the language to move away from multifunction "teams" and towards multifunction "capabilities." We did not properly manage the expectations of the maneuver units, which would hurt us down the road when battalions would ambiguously request "MFT," when what they really needed was "LLVI" or "HUMINT screening ops."
The scout platoons from both Infantry battalions, an LLVI team, and an HCT were task organized to the squadron; one supporting AH-64D AWT was placed in direct support of the squadron soon after the BCT executed its airborne assault.
As chief of reconnaissance, the squadron was provided with ISR attachments from the Infantry battalions and the brigade special troops battalion, which included battalion scout platoons, an LLVI team, an HCT, and M1200 Armored Knight fire support vehicles.
The Panther's concept of the operation was to employ the SCO and the Recon SQDN as the Chief of Reconnaissance; task organized with HUMINT and LLVI enablers.
LLVI teams are a dynamic tool that should be utilized as a forward collection asset, reconnaissance tool, and operate in conjunction with other SIGINT assets.
Our LLVI platoon supported an airborne brigade through two weeks of operations.
* Scout platoon leader and other collection team leaders such as LLVI, ground surveillance radar (GSR), REMBASS.
Intelligence gaps and the demonstrated capabilities during the first two phases forced a decision to leave the team in place and start LLVI operations throughout the sector.
The LLVI team deployed again with the Polish 18th AA Battalion.