LLWLow Level Waste
LLWLong Legged Wife
LLWLoose Leash Walking (dog training)
LLWLimited Lifetime Warranty
LLWLeather-Levi Weekend (est. 1999; California)
LLWLegoland Windsor (UK)
LLWLearning for Life and Work (Northern Ireland)
LLWLove Like Winter (song)
LLWLiving Legends Wrestling
LLWLove Like Woe (song)
LLWLow Low Water (same as LW springs)
LLWLethal Laser Weapon
LLWLilongwe, Malawi - Kamuzu International (Airport Code)
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Leaf area-LA = 0.455(NLL x LLL x LLW)-0.245 Leaf dry weight-LDW = 0.058(PW x PD)+0.00541 x RL-0.902
More than 60,000 workers in the capital have benefited from LLW, which has increased by a total of 17.5% since 2011, he said.
All fetuses exposed to nitrofen (N-and CDH groups) had decreased BW, TLW, LLW, TLW/BW, V(lu), V(llu), [A.sub.A](pa/llu), and V(pal) compared with non-exposed fetuses (EC and OO groups, P < 0.05).
Studsvik (STO:SVIK.ST) said today that it has signed a contract, valued at GBP15m, with LLW Repository Ltd (LLWR) for the transport and treatment of the remaining 10 redundant heat exchangers from the Magnox Berkeley Site, in Gloucestershire, England.
Rwan dwi ddim yn berson gwneud llw, dwi ddim yn berson Anthemau Cenedlaethol, na galw Paul yn Sir Paul McCartney na Bob yn Sir Bob Geldof, dwi fawr o ymaelodwr, ymunwr, dilynwr na chydymffurfiwr.
Riverside Park put in a bankruptcy petition at Birkenhead County Court against Lees Lloyd Whitley's (LLW) business development partner Frank Rogers.
"By definition, LLW [loose-leash walking] means there is no tension in the leash.
Papers from a fall 2006 conference are presented here, in sections on spent fuel, performance assessment and models, ceramic and vitreous waste forms for plutonium and HLW, historical perspectives and future trends, containers and engineered barriers, waste form radiation damage and dissolution, waste forms for LLW and ILW, radionuclides and waste characterization, disposal environments and site characteristics, and partitioning and transmutation.
In addition to HLW, the reprocessing also results in intermediate and low-level waste (ILW and LLW).
The Immobilization Technology Section (ITS) of the Savannah River Technology (SRTC) specializes in research associated with the vitrification of high level (HLW) and low level (LLW) sludge for the Defense Waste Process Facility (DWPF).
The solid radioactive waste generated in MDF includes low level waste, which meets the criteria that alpha and beta/gamma activity does not exceed 4 GBq per tonne and 12 GBq per tonne respectively - the B33 also produced LLW at a rate between 5 and 11 cubic metres a month.
For the moment, the following quantities have been estimated: 3.8 m3 of steel; 1.2 m3 of ion exchange columns considered as intermediate level waste (ILW), and 308.5 m3 of low level waste (LLW) from the DFR pond; 1.4 m3 of medium activity waste from the DFR-NDP.