LLWASLow Level Windshear Alert System
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The LLWAS and in situ sonic anemometer wind measurements are limited for this purpose, as they represent surface measurements, which lack the representative-ness needed for the terminal maneuvering area (TMA; e.g., Wieringa 1980).
The gust could come any moment, and catch you unprepared faster than the chain of the LLWAS detecting it, alerting ATC and the controller keying the mic to alert you.
However, LLWAS was installed to detectgust fronts, a different weather hazard, and aviation officials have known for several years that LLWAS cannot reliably detect microbursts.
Furthermore, the LLWAS array is toosmall and too porous--microbursts can first touch down outside the LLWAS network or even between the sensors, leaving pilots unaware of the wind shear hazard.