LLZLounge Lizard
LLZLeft Lower Zone (lung region)
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Skewness indices of all variables were less than 1 except for LMz and LLz. Log transformation was performed for LMz and LLz before correlating them with loneliness (see Table 2 notes).
The mean lung attenuation measured in inspiration was -877.17 [+ or -] 23.18, -879.21 [+ or -] 41.08, -879.36 [+ or -] 35.95, -876.88 [+ or -] 37.80, -872.79 [+ or -] 42.12 and -876.13 [+ or -] 40.04 HU in the RUZ, LUZ, RMZ, LMZ, RLZ and LLZ, respectively.
From all these channels, only the records for the channels: BHZ, LHZ, BLZ, LLZ, BH1, LH1, BH2, LH2; have been considered as the most suitable data for this study, because the period interval of the best registration for these channels is between 1 or 5 to 200 or 250 s (period interval in which the frequency response is almost flat).
Summary: Realty Capital Middle East FZ LLZ has announced that sales of i-Rise, the 37-storey curvilinear commercial tower under construction in TECOM Site-C, have exceeded 60 per cent, following the introduction of an attractive payment plan in May 2008.