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LM3Local Multiplier 3 (measures local ecomony impact)
LM3Lembaga Menaggulangi Masalah Merokok (indonesian smoking control foundation)
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The LM3 thinking has nothing to do with procurement regulations, just good practice.
In order to determine if all probiotic products encompassed the Bifidobacterium genus, a bifidobacterial genus-specific primer pair (P0 and Lm3) was applied.
Adam Wilkinson, social enterprise manager with Northumberland County Council says: "From a county perspective, LM3 is a very important measuring tool.
The definition of local memory LM0, LM1, LM2, LM3 and LM4 are shown separately in Figure 6 (b), Figure 6 (c), Figure 6 (d), Figure 6 (e) and Figure 6 (f), respectively.
A statistically significant, but weak negative correlation was found between the LM3 pulp-to-tooth ratio at the neck and the individual's age at the time of imaging (r= -0.361, p= 0.015).
One goal of the present work was to compare the cytolytic effect in murine mammary tumour LM3 cells in culture induced by Maitake Pro4x alone or in combination with chemotherapeutic drugs (doxorubicin and cyclophosphamide) at increased concentrations and at different times of treatment.
We introduce location map Lm3; it is used to mark the location where watermarking information is embedded or the location where it is not embedded (Lm3 = 1 represents the location where location is embedded and Lm3 = 0 represents the location where it is not embedded).
The district has three districts agroecological zones: lower highland (LH3-LH4), mainly the wheat/maize/barley zone, the lower midland (LM3) zone, and the upper midland (UM2-5) which is the upper sisal zone.
Existuji dva zakladni typy lokalniho multiplikatoru, oznacovane jako LM2 a LM3. Cisla na konci znamenaji, z kolika kol vydaju se LM pocita.