LMAMSLethal Miniature Aerial Munition System (US Air Force)
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The USSOCOM signed an ICD for the LMAMS capability on October 27,2008.
The Switchblade, manufactured by AeroVironment, met the LMAMS requirement and was used for the LMAMS operational assessment that was on the forefront.
An AWG operational assessment was conducted to determine the potential viability of the LMAMS to meet the performance requirements necessary to eliminate the capability gap.
The AWG personnel deployed with operational units in Regional Command-East to employ 10 LMAMS munitions in support of combat operations.
Further, the report did not identify the Switchblade as the LMAMS requirement materiel solution.
The Lmams contest was won by the AV Switchblade, which has reportedly been purchased by the US Air Force, the US Army and US Marine Corps (although it remains absent from all their websites).
At the 2010 edition of the Farnborough Air Show MBDA unveiled its proposal for the LMAMS programme.
Although Rafael of Israel answered to the latest US Army Request for Information for LMAMS, the company does not have an actual product in itself and is exploring a variety of business opportunities in this field, studying customers' needs to figure out possible future solutions.
That last LMAMS Request for Information was issued by the Department of the Army on August 15 2012 and shows the increasing interest for such systems among the US military.
That kind of thinking is now leading to programs of record like LMAMS, MacArthur said.
The product they used for the LMAMS program is called the SkyStinger.
The LMAMS program is a logical step in a trend that began more than a decade ago when the Air Force conducted a study to look at weaponizing the Predator.