LMATLivestock Marketing Association of Texas
LMATLeukocyte Migration Agarose Technique
LMATLeukocyte Migration Agarose Test
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* Under radio irregularity, combine 2-hop localization algorithm with LMAT to improve localization accuracy.
Section 5 investigates the 2-hop localization scheme on LMAT, and studies the message receiving probability in the 2-hop localization scheme.
Based on LMAT, we propose a 2-hop localization scheme, in which unknown nodes can receive four triangulation anchor nodes' packages to localize themselves.
In LMAT, the localization error is reduced by having the mobile anchor node travel along an optimal refined trajectory.
In order to avoid the impact of the accumulative localization error, we propose a new 2-hop localization scheme based on LMAT localization scheme.
The location commands are partnered with the logistics military advisory teams (LMATs), which are part of the Iraq Training Advisory Mission-Army program.
The program is based on MoD logistics doctrine and includes lessons learned from the Taji National Depot (fourth-line maintenance), the JRPC (fourth-line supply), the D-EME quarterly conferences, LMATs and logistics training advisory teams, and working with top IA logistics leaders from the MoD level down to the junior officers.
The battalion learned that Multi-National Security Transition Command-Iraq was creating logistics maintenance advisory teams (LMATs) to work in conjunction with the MiTTs to build the ISF's logistics capacity through training.
The relationship between the LTAT and the LMAT must remain strong, synchronized, and ready to achieve the overall training objectives that support the LOCOM.
A unit has not followed correct formats or properly conducted weekly or monthly maintenance meetings, despite efforts by LMAT and LTAT members to get them to stick to agendas.
The G-4 adviser, MTR maintenance adviser, LMAT, and LTAT must advise their counterparts of the consequences of not having an efficient maintenance program.
Level III LTATs must be aware of roles and responsibilities and remain synchronized with the LMAT partnered with each LOCOM.