LMCNLaboratory of Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology
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The original network (57 lncRNAs, 10,133 mRNAs, and 48,939 ceRNA interactions) is shown in Supplementary Table S1, and LMCN (55 lncRNAs, 982 mRNAs, and 1104 ceRNA interactions) is shown in Supplementary Table S2.
An investigation of the degree distribution of the entire network ([R.sup.2]=0.99956) suggested power law distributions (Figure 2B), which demonstrated that the LAD-associated LMCN was a scale-free network.
To further verify the potential functional implication of lncRNAs in LAD, we implemented functional enrichment analysis of mRNAs in the LMCN based on GO and KEGG pathways.
Subsequently, we further investigated the modularity feature of the LMCN. In order to extract synergistic, competing lncRNA modules, the Biclique algorithm was used in this study.
Eventually, we selected 3 hub lncRNAs (LINC00472, HCP5, and SNHG12) in the synergistic, competing lncRNA modules or LMCN to validate the reliability of the above analysis results.
Hence, as a preliminary exploration for the underlying functional implications of the lncRNAs, 'guilt by association' principle was used in our study to reveal biological processes mediated by the lncRNAs biomarkers based on functional enrichment analysis for mRNAs in the LMCN.
According to the degree distribution, only 1 lncRNA (LINC00472) was a hub node in both LMCN and synergistic module in our study.
In future work, we will construct a dysregulated LMCN to further detect the candidate lncRNA signatures involved in the pathogenesis of LAD.
A, Highly competitive lncRNA-associated ceRNA network (LMCN).
The lncRNA ceRNAs had a higher betweenness centrality than mRNA ceRNAs in the lncRNA-mediated ceRNAs network (LMCN).