LMDOLaughing My Dentures Out
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Stepan Company AMMONYX LMDO INCI Name: Lauryl/myristyl amidopropyl amine oxide BCI 72 [FORMULA NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] natural fatty chain [C.sub.12-14] C[H.sub.2] [(C[H.sub.2).sub.11] C-O # of carbone 1 11 1 amidopropyl amine -NH[(C[H.sub.2].sub.2]N[(C[H.sub.2].sub.2] # of carbone 5 biorenewable carbon index biorenewable carbon divided by total carbon # of carbone 100x(13/(13+5)-72 Naturally-derived Body Wash Total BCI *: 100 Surfactant Ingredient BCI % Wt.