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LMDSLocal Multipoint Distribution Service
LMDSLocal Multipoint Distribution System (aka Local Multipoint Distribution Service; broadband system)
LMDSLogicon Message Dissemination System
LMDSLockheed Martin Defense Systems
LMDSLightweight Modular Display System
LMDSLightweight Multipurpose Decontamination System
LMDSListeria Monocytogenes Detection System (bacteria infection)
LMDSLocally Multiply Damaged Site (biology)
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The company said the new version includes an 8-port STM-1 ATM multiplexer within the LMDS hub station, removing the requirement for a stand-alone ATM switch at the base station.
In November 2001, Central Texas Communications, a wholly owned subsidiary of the San Angelo-based Central Texas Telephone Cooperative, announced the successful completion of the initial phase of its LMDS rollout in San Angelo and Goldthwaite.
Alcatel LMDS is a fixed broadband wireless network that operates in spectrum bands above 10 GHz and can be quickly deployed, enabling service providers to cost-effectively deliver high speed Internet, data, and voice services to business customers.
The company intends through its wholly owned subsidiary LMDS Communications, Inc.
The company said that Nsight Telservices will implement its AB9400 28 GHz point-to-multipoint/point-to-point (PMP/PTP) LMDS system to provide up to 30Mb/s of bandwidth for mobile and fixed network requirements in Wisconsin, US.
The typical performance of an ETRF Ka-band filter for LMDS applications is shown in Figure 2.
We are very pleased that FLYCOM has chosen Ericsson to provide one of the first LMDS contracts in Latin America," said Fredrik Ambjorn, President of Ericsson Colombia.
Scandinavia is regarded as a very important reference market by the whole LMDS industry.
In late 1999, the company deployed an initial network using another vendor's first-generation equipment, but after exhausting that system's capacity, CTC decided to conduct an industry-wide evaluation of LMDS vendors to upgrade their network.
DBN"), which successfully deployed and field-tested Synoptel's LMDS system in Malaysia in 2000, is the parent company of Malaysia-based Animated Electronic Industries, and its subsidiary, Perwimas Telecommunications.
Due to its large bandwidth, LMDS enables a broad range of applications, including simultaneous distribution of high-speed Internet, Voiceover Internet Protocol ("VoIP"), public network access, on-demand video, interactive gaming, financial transactions, video streaming, remote security, distance learning and virtually any other high-speed data delivery.
Many of our clients have PCS, cellular, and LMDS licensees.