LMDPLife-Cycle Mission Data Plan (US DoD)
LMDPLunar and Meteorite Disk Program (US NASA)
LMDPLeadership and Management Development Program (various locations)
LMDPLeiden Muscular Dystrophy Pages (Center for Human and Clinical Genetics, Leiden University Medical Center)
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Currently IFAD has three ongoing projects in Kyrgyzstan, the LMDP I and LMDP II for a total IFAD investment of USD 21 million in loans and USD 21 million in grants.
The association supported by the LMDP is based on membership of 454 PUUs, providing them support with capacity building, advocacy and brining new knowledge.
The economic modeling component of the LMDP goes into action at that point, presenting a series of questions on the monitor for the counselor to ask.
The economic modeling engine on the LMDP knows this, and quickly comes up with an alternative solution that is consistent with the lender's and investor's preset parameters.
The area of strategy was considered particularly important because this is a key thematic element to the LMDP involving an initial input at Certificate level which is then built on at DMS and, especially, MBA levels.
Following the success of the supervisory initiative, Cummins' management and TBS staff began discussions concerning an emerging Cummins' middle management programme (CMMP) and the extent to which this could be validated against the diploma stage of the university's LMDP. The CMMP was launched in 1993 and consisted of a series of modules on a broad range of subjects (e.g.
Nuni Kulu, Stanerd Wai and Kili Tambua are a part of (LMDP), which commenced in 2013.
The objective of the LMDP is to mentor and develop staff to take on senior and executive leadership roles in the next 3 - 5 years.