LMERLinear Mixed Effects Regression (statistics)
LMERLockheed Martin Energy Research
LMERLower Mainland Employment Resources (New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada)
LMERLand Margins Ecosystems Research
LMERLabor and Management Employee Relations
LMERLactulose-Mannitol Excretion Ratio (internal medicine)
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lmerTest: Tests for random and fixed effects for linear mixed effect models (lmer objects of lme4 package).
For both sets of animals, a repeated measures ANOVA (RM-ANOVA), implemented as a mixed model (lmer) with likelihood ratio tests, was used to test for significant effects of treatment, day, and the interaction between treatment and day on shell length over the course of the experiment.
The best model was fitted using a liner mixed-model design using the lme4 package and lmer regression function.
TARA T PA P LMER TOMKINSON THE socialite, right, had to be restrained at Heathrow Airport after throwing a temper tantrum which resulted in her receiving a caution from police.
The amount of each food type consumed was analyzed using a multivariate linear mixed effects model (LMER in R), using the logarithm of wet weight consumed for each diet item as response variables, number of claws, sex, and CW as predictor variables, and trial date as a random blocking factor.
The analysis starts where He lmer receives Krogstad's second letter in which he assures him that their secret will not be revealed and ends where Nora finally leaves her home.
All tests were conducted with R software [ 28], using the lme4 package and the lmer function [29].
The interaction of the presence or absence of prey on the growth of juvenile Venus flytrap was assessed using a linear mixed effects model (LMER) with treatment ("Soil," "Aerial & Soil," and "No Prey") and groups (SWCP, Related 1, or Related 2) as a fixed effect and tank as a random effect.
The output of the MLM approach displayed by SAS Proc Mixed, SPSS Mixed, Stata xtmixed, GENSTAT Linear Mixed Models and lme and lmer R packages, in spite of some minor differences, represents at the present time the most satisfactory solution for analyzing data from mixed designs.