LMESLe Mans Endurance Series
LMESLe Mans Endurance Series (motorsport)
LMESLockheed Martin Energy Systems
LMESLand Mobile Satellite Earth Stations
LMESLand Mobile Earth Station (telecommunicatons)
LMESLlyn Model Engineering Society (Wales)
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His thoughts were echoed by St Andrews-born Kirkaldy, who said: 'This is a busy weekend and it's important to get another good result in the LMES race.
The plan itself notes the status and trends of virtually the entire food chain of each LME, from microscopic critters to great whales, including invertebrates, sea birds and aquatic plants, all in their shifting roles as prey and predator.
The LMES visits the Nurburgring, Silverstone and Spa-Francorchamps later this season with McNish predicting fans will enjoy seeing the world's best sportscars on some of the world's finest tracks.
It is important not to use corporatism as an independent causal variable in explaining the choice between OMEs and LMEs when it is also an important attribute of the OMEs themselves.
Abbreviations TPU thermoplastic polyurethane AFM atomic force microscopy TEM transmission electron microscopy LME layer multiplying element DMA dynamic mechanical analysis REFERENCES
The countries have also committed to participate in transboundary projects, such as the CLME and North Brazil Shelf LMEs Project (see clmeproject.org).
In a landmark 2001 collection, Hall and Soskice (2001) define the former as Liberal Market Economies (LMEs), examples being the USA and the UK, and the latter as Coordinated Market Economies (CMEs), examples being Germany, Japan and Scandinavia.
FFEs fund over 20% of LMEs's industrial research and employ 15% of the R&D personnel.
In order to further such a presentation he has developed a typology which is as follows: SMES (social market economies which encompass Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland); LMES (liberal market economies which include the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and the United Kingdom); and then certain "outliers" including France, Italy, and Japan.
Given this biological importance, the gulf is recognized as one of the 64 Large Marine Ecosystems (LMEs) of the world (Sherman & Hempel, 2009).