LMHFLakeshore Minor Hockey Federation (Canada)
LMHFLewisham Mental Health Foundation (UK)
LMHFLodi Memorial Hospital Foundation (California)
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studied the effects of LMHF vibration on rat MSCs cultured on TCP while using osteogenic media [12].
In several LMHF studies, osteogenesis was increased significantly when MSCs on TCP were vibrated at accelerations of 0.3 g at 35 Hz or 45 Hz [49, 50].
After LMHF mechanical stimulation, the F-actin fibers in hPDLSCs became clearer and thicker [13].
Besides, LMHF vibration decreases the proliferation and promotes the osteogenesis of hPDLSCs and the optimal frequency and magnitude are 50 Hz and 0.3g, respectively.
As opposed to simply sending out asks, it occurred to LMHF's team that a special thank you to donors would be appropriate to kick off the season, "ft seemed to me that, if you say 'thank you' first, it's a stronger ask," said Smith.
LMHF intends to continue with a "thank you" philosophy in year-round campaigns, perhaps spotlighting healthcare initiatives in the community.
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