LMISLogistics Management Information System
LMISLiquid Metal Ion Source
LMISLabour Market Information System
LMISLockheed Martin Integrated Systems
LMISLaboratory Management Information System
LMISLockheed-Martin Information System
LMISLandscape Materials Information Service (Callicoon, NY)
LMISLibrary Media Information Specialist
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'LMIS is an information system and an active labour market policy instrument that collects, analyses, monitors and captures labour market information such as labour indicators and data,' he said during the HRDC workshop on June 3.
'The LMIS will be at the federal, provincial and district levels and users will be able to communicate with each other through it,' he said.
For given scalars [[sigma].sub.r] > 0, [[tau].sub.M] > [[tau].sub.m] > 0, considering the existence of external disturbance, the filtering error system (16) can achieve being asymptotically stable with an [H.sub.[infinity]] performance index y under Definition 5 if there exist appropriate dimensional matrices [P.sub.r] >0, [Q.sub.1] > 0, [Q.sub.2] > 0, [R.sub.1] >0, [R.sub.2] >0, [[phi].sub.r] >0 and [S.sub.1] such that the following LMIs hold:
Via Schur complement (see Appendix) instead of the nonlinear Riccati type inequalities (19) one can use, respectively, the conditions with the following linear matrix inequalities (LMIs):
In this paper, we study the stabilization of a class of descriptor fractional-order systems with the fractional-order [alpha], 1 [less than or equal to] [alpha] < 2, in terms of LMIs. We derive a new sufficient condition for checking the robust asymptotical stabilization of uncertain descriptor fractional-order systems with the fractional-order a satisfying 1 [less than or equal to] [alpha] < 2, in terms of LMIs.
[22] was adopted and rebuilt into a set of LMIs. Meanwhile, a predetermined [H.sub.[infinity]] norm was satisfied.
It can be found that the dimensions of LMIs are related to the l and k, which means that when the numbers of system modes and agents are increased, the dimension of LMIs will be increased accordingly.
The second, a load management information system (LMIS), graphically depicts the location of the load within the load chart, provides the operator with an indication of compliance and prevents the operator from violating the boundaries of the chart; and the third, a load stability indicator (LSI), works in conjunction with the LMIS to limit operation when a load becomes non-compliant.
Foresee Pharmaceuticals has announced the top-line results from its phase three clinical trials of FP-001 LMIS (Leuprolide Mesylate Injectable Suspension) in patients with Advanced Prostate Carcinoma.
(iii) Developing convex Linear Matrix Inequalities (LMIs) optimization approach in which the disturbance attenuation level is minimized