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LMKLet Me Know
LMKLag My Klaar (Afrikaans: Laughing Out Loud)
LMKLativi Media Karya (Malaysia; broadcasting company)
LMKLocal Maintenance Key
LMKGPS Landmark
LMKLandsforeningen Mot Kreft (Norwegian: National Association against Cancer)
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Fatty acid profiles of Mytilus galloprovincialis (Lmk) mussel of subtidal and rocky shore origin.
The Senate body directed CDA, NITB and LMK Resources to continue the work on the e-services project and update the progress of the project to the next standing committee.The chairman said that strict action would be taken against those who create problems in the completion of the project.
Peshawar -- KPOGCL and LMK Recourses would benefit the students in Energy Management and Sustainability (MSEMS) jointly initiated by KPOGCL and University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Peshawar at US-Pakistan Centre of Advanced Studies-Energy.
Battery consumption is also reduced by a background software called enhanced memory manager (EMM), a take on Android's built in low memory killer (LMK).
But like pls lmk why Kendall Jenner is on the cover of Vogue INDIA???
In the final station of the RehabZone, companies conducted demonstrations or presentations four times on both the first and second days the Exhibit Hall was open, including LMK, Hydra Tite, Perma-Liner, Trio Vision, Avanti International and Primeline Products.
Among the activities leading to the Filipino Food Festival includes the Little Miss Kulinarya (LMK), a search for the brand ambassador of Kulinarya 2016.
The Superintendents interpretation is entitled to deference, since it is neither irrational nor unreasonable, nor counter to the clear wording of a statutory provision (see LMK Psychological Servs., PC.
Last week, the PMA created the PMA LMK (Local Master Key) on HSM (Hardware Security Modules) for the national switch.
Shorthand such as "Bae" (babe) and abbreviations LMK (let me know) and ICYMI (in case you missed it) were also in the top 10 of mystifying terms.
Eastern Hospitality 410, LMK from Niagara Falls, 233, and the Hamister Group, 529.