LMKRLMK Resources (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
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Secretary Information Technology Syed Khalid Gardezi said 'It is very easy to take action against private companies as FIR has been filed against CEO LMKR Atif Waheed on the other hand FIR has filed against contractual employee of CDA and NIBT.' Senator Shibli faraz said there is a need to change the functioning and approach of government departments as CDA is not performing its duty appropriately, which ultimately force public to opt for illegal means, even for genuine purposes.
The data was provided by Land Mark Resources Ltd (LMKR), and approved by Directorate General ofPetroleum Concessions (DGPC).
ISLAMABAD -- Senate standing committee on Information Technology and Telecommunication Tuesday directed Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to continue the investigation on the issue and let CDA, LMKR and NITB work smoothly.
The committee has given two weeks time to LMKR to deploy the software after required verification.
Policy Framework, Incentives, Pricing and Legal/Contractual Information, coordinate access to Data Rooms and LMKR Data Repository, set up office and Manning in Pakistan, coordinate and Execute JV (Working and Non-Working) Agreements, Concession Agreements.
MTBC, Ovex Technologies, Global Payments Leader, LMKR and Mentor Graphics Pakistan.
Data was provided by the Land Mark Resources (LMKR) comprising of eight seismic lines, base map and well logs of two wells, Naimat Basal 01 and Siraj South 01.
The well data for this study was provided by Land Mark Resources (LMKR) with the approval of Directorate General of Petroleum Concessions (DGPC).
Vice President LMKR told the committee that software is ready but hardware is not available in the CDA office because the systems have been stolen from the CDA office.