LMLCLes Moulins de la Concorde (Harmony Mills Bakery, Mauritius)
LMLCLuther Memorial Lutheran Church (Blacksburg, VA)
LMLCLast Martyrs of a Lost Cause (Philadelphia, PA band)
LMLCLuther Memorial Learning Center (Erie, PA)
LMLCLow Molecular Liquid Crystal (polymers)
LMLCLittle Missouri Land Company (Medora, ND)
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Though LMLC and SVO detect the salient regions, parts of the background are mistakenly detected as salient.
LMLC takes the longest time because of its Laplacian sparse subspace clustering process.
Method (Matlab) CA CB GMR GR HS Time (s) 40.9 2.24 0.149 1.35 0.528 Method (Matlab) LMLC PCA SVO Ours Time (s) 140.0 4.34 56.5 6.14
The sample sizes for WLCS, RLOC and LMLC were, respectively, 194, 212 and 170.
The means of the absolute values of correlations with the criteria and the number of significance for RLOC, WLCS and LMLC are displayed in the bottom of Table 1.
LMLC for I-scale, C-scale and P-scale, and SLCS I-scale vs.