LMLSLoad Management Load Shedding
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LMLS, the service used by Vilma, is one of the products of Voyager Innovations, the digital innovations unit of PLDT and Smart Communications, Inc.
LMLS has attracted global recognition in less than a year of its implementation.
Polyonics has developed black and white laser markable label materials (LML) for applications involving high temperatures and harsh environments.
The LML materials include pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) and either glassine or PET liners for handling and diecutting.
The objectives of the work were, therefore, (1) to develop a simulation framework capable of mimicking an abalone fishery made up of numerous populations, each with somewhat different biological properties; (2) to determine the proportion of mature biomass secured by different LMLs in simulated populations with known properties; and (3) to determine the trade-off between LML and number of abalone required to take a TAC while inducing the same level of depletion of mature biomass in a simulated fished population.
Before exploring further the dynamics relating to alternative LMLs, each zone was depleted to approximately 0.4 [B.sub.0] by applying a constant harvest rate until the desired depletion level was approximated.
16] Prior to 2009, EPA calculated benefits below the NAAQS level, but not below the lowest levels measured (LML) in statistical studies (10 [micro]g/[m.sup.3]).
Getting LMLS certified as M/WBE presents lots of opportunities for the company to bid on government contracts, but it also makes it easier for the agencies' language coordinators to find and contact us.
Other LMLs consist of the legal documents that lawyers draft, such as contracts, partnership agreements, trust instruments, and constitutional documents of organizations, such as those of corporations, limited liability companies, and so forth.
To answer this question, I examine lawyer-made law (LML) in the United States and in civil law countries, and discuss the differences between LML generally and the lex Juris governing cross-border securitization.
The absence of fish below LML or below the lengths selected by the fishing gear, inevitable when sampling is from the landed catch, creates an overestimation bias of mean length-at-age, because faster growing fish reach the legal stock sooner and are thus over-represented in those samples.