LMMCLower Mainland Motocross Club (Canada)
LMMCLincoln Medical and Mental Health Center (Bronx, NY)
LMMCLow Molecular Mass Carbohydrate
LMMCLow-Molecular Mass Component
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Identification of MMP Species Except LMMC. Homogenates were screened for the presence of MMP species by substrate gelatin zymography [22, 23, 38, 39].
Homogenization of the tissue sample results in the release of the LMMC complex into the supernatant.
Isolation of the LMMC Complex and Determination of Free Levels of MMP Species.
The intensity of the bands of individual gelatinases was plotted as a function of eluted volume ([v.sub.e]/[v.sub.o]) to determine their relative distribution between the LMMC species and the free state.
The LMMC was formed in Cancun, Mexico in 2002, and formed as a consultancy and cooperation mechanism, aimed at promoting the common interest of the represented countries in terms of conservation and biodiversity.
South Africa ranks third in biological diversity, after Brazil and Indonesia, and will hold the position until the next LMMC conference hosted by Korea in 2014.
The proposal for a new Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) regime was put forward by the 17 countries that make up the Like Minded Megadiverse Countries (LMMCs).