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LMMSLinux MultiMedia Studio
LMMSLockheed Martin Missiles & Space
LMMSLockheed Martin Mission Systems
LMMSLower Macungie Middle School (Macungie, PA)
LMMSLAN/MAN Management Service
LMMSLightweight Multipurpose Missile System
LMMSLockheed Martin Mission Success
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We used linear mixed models (LMM) to analyse [GRT.sub.50%] in relation to the following fixed factors: sex, age class (adult/subadult), activity score (% active), feeding time (midday/ midnight), diet (berry/carcass), weight of ingested experimental food, weight of ingested supplemental food (corn), cumulative weight of defecations prior to [GRT.sub.50%] and defecation rate prior to [GRT.sub.50%].
Fourth, to examine whether the relationship between phthalate exposure and oxidative stress differed based on time point in pregnancy, we examined interaction terms between urinary metabolites and either study visit or gestational age at sample collection, also in LMMs with random intercepts.
All subsequent analyses were carried out in the log scale, since calculation of confidence intervals around the mean and LMMs assume that the residuals have a normal distribution.
Experiment W x H (pixels) 1 247 x 205 2 733 x 283 3 506 x 349 4 252 x 188 5 749 x 563 6 300 x 191 7 855 x 569 8 1473 x 756 Experiment Source of an input image 1 Potholes Detection Based on SVM in the Pavement Distress Image [6] 2 https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File: Pothole_Big.jpg 3 Road Inspection Guidance Manual, Local Road Maintenance Management System: LMMS [7] 4 https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File: DirtroadpotholesJPG 5 https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File: Newport_Whitepit_Lane_pot_holeJPG 6 http://www.roborealmxom/uploads/28427_1.jpg 7 Road Inspection Guidance Manual, Local Road Maintenance Management System: LMMS [7] 8 Road Inspection Guidance Manual, Local Road Maintenance Management System: LMMS [7]
In repeated measures analyses, we explored the associations between urinary biomarkers and plasma total 25(OH)D using LMMs that included subject-specific random intercepts, with 25(OH)D regressed on one analyte per model.
In this section, we shall use the interpolation and collocation approach [17] to construct a 2v-step continuous LMM (CLMM) which will be used to produce the main and additional formulas for solving (1).
Modeling was fitted with SAS 9.2 (proc mixed) using three-level (time, unit, hospital) linear mixed modeling (LMM) to estimate the improvement in efficiency (dependent variable) across time.
Alternatively, you may find free open source substitutes for these software such as GIMP for photo editing and LMMS for music production.
Statistical analysis.--Linear mixed-effects models (LMMs) were run in R (R Core Team 2015) to investigate the relationship between acoustic parameters and ambient temperature.
SSP Runge-Kutta (RK) and linear multistep methods (LMMs) have been first studied, using the terminology total variation diminishing (TVD) time discretizations, by Shu and Osher [50].
Consequently, the paper presents an LMM tool which helps teachers to easily produce the high-quality multimedia materials (the LMMs) for their lecturing in traditional classrooms.