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LMNALamin AC (gene)
LMNALake Morton Neighborhood Association (Florida)
LMNALondon Merchant Navy Association (UK)
LMNALand-Based, Multipurpose Naval Aircraft
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As reported in a previous articles, though these clinical features may be determined by the same LMNA mutation, it is not easy to distinguish according to the genotype.[11],[19] Muscle imaging has been reported as an important part of the diagnostic workup of myopathies in recent years.[20],[21],[22],[23] Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has excellent soft-tissue contrast and resolution, it is a safe and noninvasive method for studying and evaluating myopathy.[20],[24],[25],[26] It is, therefore, the method of detection of the changes, such as fatty infiltration into the muscle, that might serve as indications that differential diagnosis or the evaluation of the severity of the disease should be performed.
Of the FPLD patients, eight had mutations in LMNA and one had FPLD caused by a PPARG mutation.
Fukuchi, "LMNA mutation in a 45 year old Japanese subject with Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome," Journal of Medical Genetics, vol.
El hecho que se considere solo probandos para el analisis cuyo componente sea la resistencia a la insulina (DM2 puros), esto permite sugerir que el SNP rs1345365 es un factor de predisposicion, tal como se ha reportado para las variantes en LMNA (16-18).
(32) The remaining proteins, specifically TPM1, ACTB, ACTN4, LMNA, and TUBB, are important elements in the formation of the cytoskeleton itself.
for searching possible ceRNAs of the gene LMNA, involved in Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome, identified 17 putative ceRNAs associated with 11 miRNAs.
Mutations in Lmna are responsible for more than ten different disorders, commonly referred to as "laminopathies".
The LMNA gene encodes A-type lamins, whereas the B-type lamins, Bl B2, and 83, are encoded by the LMNB1 and LMNB2 genes (Goldman et al.
Singapore, Feb 8, 2013 - (ACN Newswire) - Scientists from Singapore and Germany have identified that the proteins lamin A (Lmna) and lamin B receptor (Lbr) are essential for holding silent genes in their correct position at the edge of the nucleus, in the form of heterochromatin(1).
Progeria is a rare disorder with dwarfism and premature aging caused by mutations of lamin A (LMNA).
HGPS is caused by a point mutation in position 1824 of the LMNA gene.