LMNDLlower Motor Neuron Degeneration
LMNDLower Motor Neuron Disease
LMNDLiga Mahasiswa Nasional Demokrasi (Malay: Democratic National Student League)
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It is important to keep in mind that in LMND the sensory component of the nervous system is intact.
Assessment of ventilation parameters can be critical in advanced or rapidly progressive LMND. Patients may be tachypneic, but due to weakened diaphragm and intercostal muscles the patient may be seriously underventilated.
As many LMND patients are unable to support their heads, stacks of towels or pillows may be required to keep the patient in an upright position.
Nutritional requirements of dogs and cats with LMND will vary depending on the severity of disease and the effect on the animal's ability to prehend food.
The prognosis associated with the various LMND is discussed in the next section.
Diagnosis of ACP is made based on presenting clinical signs and ruling out other cases of LMND. A complete history and thorough tick-check are a necessary first step in ruling out other common causes of LMND such as snake bite, tick paralysis, or myasthenia.
Because of the variety of clinical presentations for acute MG it can be difficult to differentiate acute, fulminant MG from other causes of acute LMND based on presenting signs alone.
The exact mechanism of holocylotoxin-induced LMND is incompletely understood.