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LMNOLeave My Name Out
LMNOLeave My Name Off (production company; Hollywood, CA)
LMNOLaughing My Nuts Off
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LMNO, headed by reality TV veteran Eric Schotz, has been accused in a lawsuit filed by Discovery Communications of inflating production expenses on some of its shows and maintaining a separate set of books.
The group Change, received active preexposure to a set of four landmarks (LMNO) different to the one used to define the platform location during training (ABCD).
LMNO, Suite 3, 3002 Louise St., Saskatoon, SK S7J 3L8; (306)
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A LEGAL BATTLE over accounting practices that has enveloped indie company LMNO Prods, has stirred a hornet's nest in the tight-knit community of producers of unscripted television.
Thanks to LMNO, CAMA SK and all of our sponsors for supporting our team.
Panelists: Bertram van Munster, exec producer, director and cocreator, "The Amazing Race"; Eric Schotz, CEO and president, LMNO Prods.; Andy Stabile, agent, alternative, CAA; Philip Gurin, founder and exec producer, the Gurin Co.; Douglas Ross, president, Evolution Media; Ken Mok, president and founder, 10x10 Entertainment
Panelists: Vin Di Bona, chairman, Vin Di Bona Prods.; Tracy Green, exec VP, Lion TV USA; Bruce David Klein, president, Atlas Media; Gary Lico, CEO, CABLEready; Eric Schotz, CEO, LMNO Prods.
Eric Schotz, head of reality factory LMNO Prods., says his company is preparing to pitch Alphabet execs on a couple of concepts.
COZART, RYLEY, LMNO, 317B 111th St, Saskatoon, SK S7N 1T4; (306) 796-7055
"Reality TV is set up for 18 to 49, and there aren't a whole lot of 18- to 49-year-olds running down the street to buy the paper," says Eric Schotz, prexy of LMNO Prods, which used Craigslist to cast "Fire Me ...
Davis, president, Granada America; Nell Dickson, partner, Lord, Bissell & Brook; Del Mayberry, chief financial officer, Fox Networks Group; Eric Schotz, president-CEO, LMNO Prods.