LMOPLandfill Methane Outreach Program (EPA)
LMOPLinear Modulation on Pulse (US Air Force)
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[2] proved that the (weak) Pareto solution set ([S.sub.w]) S and the (weak) Pareto optimal value set ([V.sub.w]) V of (LMOP) are pathwise connected, respectively, when X = [R.sup.m], Y = [R.sup.n], and C = [R.sup.n.sub.+].
"It's mostly about education of the people, at this point," says Brian Guzzone, LMOP's project manager for many of the Western states.
The LMOP maintains a database of landfill gas direct-use experts who are available to provide potential industrial gas users with more detailed advice on the subject.
These documents, together with more information on LMOP, are available from the following sources:
LMOP forms partnerships with landfill owners, utilities and power marketers to overcome barriers to project development.
(2) Laboratoire Materiaux Optiques Photonique et Systemes (LMOPS), UniversitedeLorraine, 57070Metz, France