LMP7Large Multifunctional Protease 7
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Among the analyzed APM components, TAP1 was expressed at a low frequency in the two [[beta].sub.m]-negative cell lines, and while LMP2 was abundantly expressed in all of three cell lines, LMP7 expression was detectable only at a very low percentage of sHCC63 cells (Figure 3(c)).
Effect of IFN-[gamma] on the [[beta].sub.m], LMP2, LMP7, TAP1, and TAP2 Transcripts in the Three sHCC Cell Lines.
The mechanism underlying this abnormality includes [[beta].sub.2]m loss, which is caused by a >49 kb deletion at the (2M locus, and marked downregulation of HLA class I heavy chain, TAP1 and LMP7 expression.
In the present study, we found that both sHCC29 and sHCC63 cells had marked HLA-A, HLA-B, and HLA-C allospecificity, TAP1 and LMP7 downregulation.
(b) Cytoplasmic expression of additional HLA-A, HLA-B, -C allospecificities and APM components TAP1, TAP2, LMP2, and LMP7 were determined cytofluormetrically.
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Because circulating proteasomes from autoimmune patients were found to contain the immune subunit 05i (LMP7), it was suggested (3) that they originate primarily from immunocompetent cells such as monocytes and lymphocytes as well as from nonprofessional antigen-presenting cells.