LMPFLumad Mindanaw Peoples Federation (Philippines; indiginous peoples' group; est. 1986)
LMPFLog-Magnitude/Phase Form (algorithm)
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Despite the many dialogues between the LMPF and the government's chief peace negotiator, Miriam CoronelFerrer, no action has been taken on the issue.
13, 2013, the LMPF governing council asserts: "We are neither requesting special treatment nor seeking attention, but only reminding all parties concerned of rights already granted by law." The lumad are not envious of the goodies that the government will heap upon the Bangsamoro.
The LMPF says the BBL contradicts the Ipra, and the Ipra itself is a peace agreement.
LMPF was due to pay the company in March this year but was unable to meet the deadline.
El radar de la Figura 9 detalla y compara el promedio general de cada una de las areas de trabajo -LMPP (50.40%), LMPF (66.07%), LMAC (45.11%), LMDD (80.44%)--, con el promedio general de la muestra (61.17%) y con el nivel minimo esperado (60%).
En la Figura 10 tambien se observan los indicadores que pertenecen a cada una de las areas de trabajo LMPF, LMPP, LMDD, LMAC respectivamente agrupados y comparados con el nivel minimo esperado.
Area del piso de la fabrica (LMPF): Implementar programas de mantenimiento productivo total, TPM, empezando con la capacitacion del personal en los temas de mantenimiento autonomo y 5s.
Esta cifra indica que existen falencias en la aplicacion de dispositivos Poka Yokes (LMPF 17, 37.3%) que garanticen la calidad en la fuente y en el control estadistico de calidad (LMPF 16, 61.3%).
LMPF spokesmen Sarx Lanos said the IP groups were sidetracked at the start of the crafting of the Framework Agreement on Bangsamoro until it reached the passage of BBL.
He said the LMPF will ensure that the rights of IP groups in Mindanao will not be jeopardized once the BBL is implemented.