LMPPLabour Management Partnerships Program (Canada)
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The P-V curve is as shown in Figure 5(b) and the GMPP is at 138 W The proposed algorithm tracked the GMPP in 1.0 s and remains to operate at the GMPP, but the P&O still failed to track the GMPP in this partial shading condition when it also tracked the LMPP (118 W).
P&O tracked the LMPP in 0.2 second and it started to oscillate around the LMPP.
Meanwhile, the P&O tracked the LMPP (point A) as shown in Figure 11(b) and operates at 117 W.
Id2 is not expressed in LSK, LMPPs, or CLPs, or in the CDP or pre-cDC DC progenitors, but is present in all cDCs, regardless of anatomical location [110].
Moreover, [Flt3.sup.+] precursors including LMPPs, MDPs, CDPs, pre-cDCs and a proportion of CLPs, CMPs, and ETPs, in addition to progenitors transduced to express Flt3, possess greater DC potential than their Flt3-counterparts [42, 139-142].
En la Figura 10 tambien se observan los indicadores que pertenecen a cada una de las areas de trabajo LMPF, LMPP, LMDD, LMAC respectivamente agrupados y comparados con el nivel minimo esperado.
Area de personal (LMPP): Implementar planes de sugerencias y el montaje del programa 5s, asi como en la formacion del personal en las diferentes tecnicas para el mejoramiento de los procesos productivos.