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LMPSLow-Moisture, Part-Skim (cheese)
LMPSLogic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science
LMPSLand Mobile Products Sector (Motorola)
LMPSLift Manufacturers Product Section
LMPSLockheed Martin Postal Systems
LMPSLinear Microwave Phase Shifter
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Amongst all the EBV proteins, LMPs, the latent proteins, are the key determinants for NPC pathogenesis.
In addition, iLead has worked closely with FSI's Leadership and Management School and other partners to develop Leadership 2 Go, a toolkit of leadership articles, activities, and easy, accessible, ready-to-use materials to foster dialogue around the 10 LMPs. Leadership 2 Go can be applied no matter where an employee is located or what his or her job is.
The band peaks of CON, NPS, and LMPS were located in 1653 [cm.sup.-1] 1667 [cm.sup.-1] in 1654 [cm.sup.-1] and 1662 [cm.sup.-1] and in 1656 [cm.sup.-1] 1664 [cm.sup.-1] It can be seen that the addition of two kinds of starch makes a blue shift of the characteristic peaks of the helix structure, indicating a decrease of [alpha]-helix [17].
As the alert reader will note, we collect the first component of [[psi].sub.ij], the ordinary merchandizing surplus, ([p.sub.j1] - [p.sub.i1]) M, by leaving generation LMPs unchanged.
"LMPS is now part of PECB and we welcome them for joining the list of our partners worldwide," said Eric Lachapelle CEO of PECB.
Detras de los conceptos de ECAs y LMPs esta la idea de que es posible encontrar valores de referencia que puedan tener valor para un gran numero de casos, es decir, se puedan generalizar.
[sup][3],[72] In asymptomatic subjects, circulating LMPs predicted subclinical atherosclerosis as evaluated by plaque numbers in several vascular sites.
Using a Direct Current Optimal Power Flow in an 8 bus bar system the value of LMPs is calculated.
These prices vary by node (they are known as locational marginal prices, or LMPs), and they may be updated every 5 to 15 minutes.