LMRFLongevity Medical Research Fund (fundraising)
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LMRFLateral Midbrain Reticular Formation (neurology)
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(The LMRF also runs day camps for elementary and middle-school students.) Last year, six high-school students paddled 70 miles over five days, from Helena to Rosedale.
Ruskey estimates that over 20 years, through the canoe company and LMRF, around 15,000 young people have had some kind of experience with the river.
In order to identify the influence of LMRF with different cutting angle and MLA with different contract angle to the light output efficiency, three-dimensional models of organic devices with two modification structures are designed, which are briefly demonstrated in Figure 2.
The simulation illuminance maps of substrate forward surface of OLEDs are shown in Figure 3, in which (a) is the OLEDs with normal substrate, (b) with LMRF structure substrate, (c) with MLA structure substrate, and (d) with body modification substrate.
We attempt to descript the mathematical expression between the light output ratio and cutting angle, but the emission light from OLEDs with different incident angles reaches the LMRF layer and is reflected to different surface of substrate.
The LMRF layer on the side of substrate can be easily fabricated and the brief process is presented in Figure 5(a).
The light output improvement of substrate with LMRF and MLA structure can be characterized by a white LED dot source and those images are shown in Figure 6.
OLEDs were fabricated on different substrates (normal substrate, substrate with MLA, substrate with LMRF, and substrate with body modification) with device structure ITO/NPB (40nm)/CBP: [(tpbi).sub.2]Ir(acac) (2wt%, 30nm)/BCP (10nm)/[Alq.sub.3] (40nm)/LiF (1nm)/Al (100 nm).