LMRTLiquid Motion Runtime Control
LMRTLongtown Mountain Rescue Team (UK)
LMRTLaboratory for Multiscale Regenerative Technologies (Cambridge, MA)
LMRTLondon Motorcycle Rider Training Ltd. (London, UK)
LMRTLimited Medical Radiologic Technologist
LMRTLatent Muscle Reaction Timing (sports medicine)
LMRTLearning Multiple Race Track
LMRTLiberty Mountain Race Team
LMRTLogistics Management Responsibility Transfer
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LMRT is a voluntary organisation responding to those in need on Snowdon and the surrounding mountains.
The LMRT and BLRT were both statistically significant, which indicated the 4-class model fit significantly better than the 3-class model.
An LMRT spokesman said: "The team received a request from North Wales Police to assist two males that were stuck on the south east side of Crib Goch.
The best LGMM solution identified two distinct trajectories using lymphocyte and neutrophil percentages over time (entropy = 0.76, LMRT = 130.7, p = .024; bootstrap likelihood test, p < .001, all favoring a good model solution).
A spokesman for LMRT said: "We're often saying that mountain rescuers are just a bunch of climbers who give up some spare time to help other climbers out.
A LMRT spokesman said: "A team coordinator sent a Sarloc Rescue to the man's phone, which sent the team a grid reference.
In a statement on Facebook LMRT said: "Once on scene it was quickly established that the casualty had not survived the fall and the team set about the recovery (of the body) from the cliff face.
MORE than a 100 bikers rode in a massive convoy as part of a charity drive for the Llanberis Mountain Rescue team (LMRT).
Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team (LMRT) were called by the police to assist the pair stranded on the Pyg track on Tuesday afternoon.
The Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team (LMRT) said the walkers "were neither selfish nor idiots" for trying to climb the mountain - responding to criticism from people who said they believed the mountaineers should have to pay to cover the costs of the call-out.
"Close communication with Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team (LMRT) was maintained as there was a possibility that the competitor was within their area.
Phil Benbow of LMRT said: "We received a call at 1pm on Saturday that two young men from Uttoxeter had got stuck whole walking on Crib Goch.