LMSALatino Medical Student Association (Irvine, CA)
LMSALarge Millimeter/Submillimeter Array (radio telescope project; Chile; astronomy)
LMSALinear Multivariate Statistical Analysis
LMSALogistics Management Supportability Analysis
LMSALincoln Middle School of the Arts (Milwaukee, WI)
LMSALanka Mithuro Scholarship Association
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Not only would the creation of an LMSA approval process go far beyond CMS's statutory authority, it is also bad policy.
And, don't be fooled by the allegedly "voluntary" nature of LMSAs. In the absence of CMS signing off on an LMSA, there will be grave uncertainty for the settling parties that CMS may simply disrupt long-settled claims sometime in the future.
The anticipated LMSA program is likely to exponentially multiply many of the problems that currently exist with Worker's Compensation Medicare Set Asides (WCMSAs).
And, how many other beneficiaries will lose their settlements because of the CMS LMSA process?
They cover the full range of photon wavelengths, from radio (the Suffa Radio Telescope, under construction in Samarkand), to millimeter and submillimeter (LMSA, with a prototype under development in Japan for possible siting in Chile), infrared (SIRTF, the mostly American Space Infrared Telescope Facility), ultraviolet (Spectrum-UV, spearheaded by Russia with European collaborators), X-rays (a proposed launch of a second Japanese-American ASTRO-E, the first having failed in January 2000), and on to gamma rays (INTEGRAL, under construction with European and some American input).
Mexico's Industrias de Monterrey, SA (LMSA), said it would temporarily shut down its steel foundry in the town of Monclova due to rising energy prices and unfavorable market conditions, according to Agencia EFE S.A.
"What LMSA provides is the marvelous model for storing the information.