LMSDLipid MAPS (Metabolites and Pathways Strategy) Structure Database
LMSDLegacy Ms Domain
LMSDLower Merion School District (Ardmore, Pennsylvania)
LMSDLouisville Municipal School District (Louisville, MS)
LMSDLight Manufacturing Studio District (Santa Monica, CA)
LMSDLockheed Missile Systems Division
LMSDLeft Main Stem Disease (cardiology)
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having a disability by LMSD. (113) Each student had received some
LMSD, but that plaintiffs were denied access and enrollment to advanced
Plaintiffs' first claim was that LMSD racially discriminated
associated special education placements within LMSD in 2007, 2008, and
plaintiffs' evidence to support allegations that LMSD committed
In other words, the plaintiffs offered evidence that LMSD
discrimination on the part of LMSD, even when coupled with evidence of
actions of the LMSD had disproportionate impact on African Americans was
than a scintilla" (137) of evidence that LMSD acted with a racially
2.6-2.7-2.6 the lead over LMSD ModRock XETRA just 0.2.
Shares: iHeart25.4-25.6-24.6-24.0,ENTERCOM 12.6-12.1-11.9-12.6, Local Media San Diego (LMSD) 12.0-11.7-12.2-12.5,CBS7.4-7.3-7.3-7.4, Univision 6.7-6.7.
Flat, 2.5-2.5-2.5; up 0.4 on LMSD Mod Rock XETRA/FM.