LMSRlarge, medium speed roll-on/roll-off (US DoD)
LMSRLondon, Midland and Scottish Railway (est. 1923)
LMSRLinear Multistage Receiver
LMSRLake Michigan Star Riders (motorcycle club)
LMSRLactulose-to-Mannitol Serum Ratio
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The LMSR algorithm, as expected, has resulted in a better workload redistribution which is illustrated in Fig.
LMSR has become the de facto market maker mechanism for prediction markets.
Ports are considered militarily significant today if they can accommodate the LMSR, which has a draft of 35 feet.
The LMSRs, container ships, Army watercraft, and APS concept requires a secure facility, parking space to marshal vehicles, and a significant administrative process of several days to complete the linkup of personnel and equipment in the reception and staging process.
LMSRs are among the largest cargo ships in the world and can carry up to 380,000 square feet of combat cargo -- the equivalent of more than six football fields of wheeled and tracked vehicles -- at speeds up to 24 knots.
One such system is found on the mobile landing platform, a partially submersible platform that will link the LMSR ships with connectors, such as the LCAC.
If you asked anyone what LMSR stands for they might not know, but it is one of the latest and most capable MSC ships.
PCS has performed maintenance and repair and worldwide operation of 11 Large Medium Speed Ro-Ro (LMSR) for MSC, including all of the Bob Hope Class LMSRs.
The LMSR and fast sealift ships have a draft of about 37 feet and a sustainable speed of about 25 knots.
One LMSR during the current war carried the equivalent of six commercial charter ships during the first Gulf War, Handy said.
Just before midnight on April 14, the operation began with the arrival of a large, medium-speed, roll-on/roll-off ship, or LMSR, USNS Watkins--a 63,000-ton cargo ship about the size of an aircraft carrier--at Rotterdam's pier 8200, just before the breakwaters of the North Sea.