LMSRLarge, Medium Speed Roll-On/Roll-Off (US DoD)
LMSRLondon, Midland and Scottish Railway (est. 1923)
LMSRLactulose-to-Mannitol Serum Ratio
LMSRLinear Multistage Receiver
LMSRLake Michigan Star Riders (motorcycle club)
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6, LMSR algorithm is used for dynamic load balancing.
Algorithm/Error RMSE MAE RBFN 0.143 0.109 ([+ or -] 0.092) LR 0.111 0.086 ([+ or -] 0.070) LMSR 0.265 0.094 ([+ or -] 0.248) NN 0.101 0.064 ([+ or -] 0.078) SVM 0.050 0.034 ([+ or -] 0.036)
The LMSR's answer was the Princess Coronation Class with bigger boilers and larger driving wheels.
Given uniform initial market probability, the loss of an LMSR market maker is bounded by b log m, where m is the number of outcomes (Hanson 2003).
(21) It calls for 19 fast sealift ships (FSSs), LMSR ships, and 330 other ships plus contracts to meet the requirements.
For the first five years at Ash Shuayba, there was almost constantly a LMSR or other MSC vessel on berth.
After the transfer from LMSR, FSS, or JHSS, the unit must conduct assembly functions, to include precombat checks, weapons testing, issue and storage of combat loads, and tactical staging for final employment on some type of platform at sea.
It was determined that the MOB concept was technically feasible but not as cost-effective as existing naval vessels or innovative forms of sealift, such as large medium speed roll-on/roll-off (LMSR) ships.
Llangollen Railway spokesman George Jones said two veteran steam locomotives have been hired to create a London Midland & Scottish Railway (LMSR) emphasis.
Worse, the "Sea Base" concept as described depends on the undefined Mobile Landing Platform (MLP), which in turn depends on undefined technical solutions and improvements to the Large Medium Speed Roll On/Roll Off (LMSR) ships.
These flotillas are to consist of a pair of Large Medium-Speed Roll-On/Roll-Off ships (LMSR) containing a Brigade Unit of Action (BUA) positioned strategically in Diego Garcia, Guam, and the Mediterranean.