LMTDLog Mean Temperature Difference
LMTDLogarithmic Mean Temperature Difference
LMTDLeft Main Trunk Disease (thoracic surgery)
LMTDLeast Mean Temperature Difference
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LMTD = log mean temperature difference, K or [degrees]F
LMTD is calculated per the classical formula: LMTD = [LD - SD]/[ln(LD/SD)].
(U) = (Heat transfer)/ (Area of flow x LMTD) = (7034) / ([pi] x 0.0064 x 0.45 x 28.43) = 27345W/[m.sup.2]k
All tested samples responded positively on recirculation velocity increase at both 50[degrees]C and 60[degrees]C, maintaining the identical driving force of LMTD = 10[degrees]C.
The overall UA values are indicated in Tables 1, 2, and 3 and also illustrated in Figure 11 with LMTD for the four tests for the liquid overfeed flooded and the DX evaporator circuits.
where [[??].sub.comp] is the mass flow rate through the compressor, which can be estimated using a virtual sensor; [C.sub.p] is the refrigerant vapor specific heat; [T.,sub.dis,coil] is the reversing-valve high-side outlet temperature to the cycle (to the condenser); [T.sub.suc,coil] is the lowside inlet temperature from the cycle (from the evaporator); [T.sub.dis,comp] is the high-side inlet temperature from the compressor; [T.sub.suc,comp] is the temperature of the low-side outlet to the compressor; and LMTD is a logarithmic mean temperature difference calculated by
CPO/sailors/Civilian who have been awarded Letter of Commendation are I M Zahid CMEA, M Riaz CMEA(H), Farhat Shah AA-II, M Saleem PO/WTR, M Sajjad PO/WTR, A H Shah L/CHEF, M Ejaz LMTD, M R Hashmi GSO-II (Civ), M Arshad Baig HSM.
LMTD is computed with relation (1) and [DELTA][T.sub.max], [DELTA][T.sub.min] are shown in figure 3.
The temperature difference, LMTD was determined from the inlet and exit temperatures (DBT) of the air flowing through the evaporator and from the inlet and outlet saturation temperature of refrigerant flowing in the test section.
(31) The implication of this provision was recently contested in the federal district court for the Northern District of Georgia when a party invoked the Georgia statute to preclude the court from issuing an order compelling arbitration in Goshawk Dedicated Lmtd. v.