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LMUs. 3GPP technical specifications define two types of LMUs [21]: type A and type B.
Trelleborg will begin fabrication of LMUs and DSUs with immediate effect, and its solutions are scheduled for delivery in 2018.
Trelleborg provided a number of its leg mating units (LMU), deck support units (DSU), load transfer units (LTU) and floatover fender systems, to meet requirements for the heaviest load that an LMU has ever been commissioned for.
"The LMUs -- steel structures incorporating rubber elements -- make this possible by dampening the forces created as the topside's load is transferred to the jacket," Chia explains.
There are currently more than 75,000 TruePosition LMUs deployed across the United States, and the TruePosition U-TDOA protects more than 100 million people.
The resounding popularity and success of these LMUs makes them a great choice for an industry professional like Harris, whose products have been featured both on the A-list celebrity catwalk and in official gift bags for the Emmy awards.
Our leg mating units (LMUs) and deck support units (DSUs) are designed to take shock impacts.
The Luxury Merchandising Units (LMUs) were created to attract a select group of untapped high end retailers to the temporary leasing market.
When there was no room at the mall this Christmas, the Shops at Columbus Circle at Time Warner Center came up with the next best thing: LMUs, or luxury merchandising units.