LMVSLittle Morello Vettese Segreto (law firm; Canada)
LMVSLockheed Martin Vought Systems
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- The market consists of nine categories: MBT, IFV, APC, HACV, LUV, Tactical Truck, Armored Engineering Vehicle, Armored Support Vehicle, and LMV.
According to a source familiar with the situation there, RSN's RSS Unity - a 1,250-tonne Independence-class littoral mission vessel (LMV) fitted with at least a 76mm gun and anti-air missile system - was spotted there.
"Of the 53 toll stations where cars, jeeps, Light Motor Vehicles (LMVs) and state-run buses will be exempted from paying toll tax, 27 are managed by the PWD and 25 by the MSRDC," the chief minister said.
1a, the lateral distribution of TWs, LMVs and all vehicles combined are shown.
And while sending gap year students home in several pieces can have a detrimental effect on volunteer recruiting, a fleet of Oxfam LMVs is likely to send the wrong message to the locals.
Meanwhile, researchers at LTV Missiles and Electronics [Hooks and Devarajan 1981a] (now Lockheed-Martin-Vought Systems (LMVS)) developed another type of hybrid approach that they called the "pseudo-film" approach.
Similarly, we have had movements of 1400-1500 LMVs as well as buses.
There will total restriction for LMVs and HTVs on the 2.5m lane next to the central verge in the Northern Carriageway.
Currently Norway fields 108 LMVs acquired in three different batches (25 + 35 + 48, the latter equipped with a 240 kW alternator) and outfitted for the installation of a Kongsberg Protector weapon station.